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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The Council shall be responsible for ensuring that the rules, honour and dignity of the pharmacy profession are complied with and ensure the protection of public health. The Council shall ensure compliance with the principles of morality, integrity and dedication essential to the practice of the pharmacy profession and ensure that all its members comply with their professional requirements and the laws and regulations governing pharmacists.

Our Vision

The Vision of the National Pharmacy Council is to become a Centre of Excellence in the regulation and control of Pharmacy profession.


Board & Commitees

The National Council Board The National Council Board is comprised of members elected by their registered colleagues in their respective categories of professions, each category being represented by one person….

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Ministry of Health  The main goal of the Ministry of Health is to provide and continually improve the health services of the Rwandan population through the provision of preventive, curative…

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CPD Activities

They include all activities that enhance professional competences and lead to better delivery of health care services, and usually include a focus on one or more critical skills or values,…

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Our Registrants

One of the mandates of the Rwanda National Pharmacy Council (NPC) is to register pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in Rwanda and has obligations to ensure that they comply with rules…

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