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Requirements & Fees

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians must be registered with the National Pharmacy Council (NPC). In order to practice, a license to practice is required for Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and must be renewed every year. Anyone who is not registered with the NPC but practices as a Pharmacist or a Pharmacy technician, or refers to themselves as such, is breaking the law and can be prosecuted. Any one practicing the pharmacy profession without being licensed with the NPC to practice even though registered with the NPC is also breaching the law.

Patients can have confidence that the individuals who appear on our register are fully qualified and authorized to practice. The register (2020 version) is available for the public to search online those who are qualified and authorized to serve them, Pharmacists or Pharmacy technicians.



a. Requirements for nationals

  • Successfully pass the pre-registration knowledge assessment
  • An updated curriculum vitae
  • A recent criminal record
  • Notified (not scanned) copy of the Diploma in Pharmacy
  • Notified academic transcripts
  • Notified copy of the degree equivalence (for those who studied abroad)
  • Two recent passport photos
  • Prof of payment of registration fees
  • National ID or Passport copy
  • Filling the Registration Form

b. Requirements for non nationals

Additionally to the above-mentioned requirements for nationals, non nationals submit

  • A proof of registration by the pharmacy council in their home country
  • A certificate of good standing issued by the pharmacy council in their countries

c. Fees for registration

Applicable for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

  • Nationals: 20,000 frw
  • East Africa Citizens: 30 USD
  • Non nationals: 90 USD


a. Fees for License to practice

  • National Pharmacists: 65,000 frw
  • National Pharmacy Technicians: 30,000 frw
  • East Africa Citizens Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians: 100 USD
  • Non nationals pharmacist and Pharmacy Technicians: 300 USD

Note that for each delay of three months, a 25% fine will be added to the licensing fees.

b. CPD requirements

Registrants are expected to have accumulated a minimum of 15 credit points accumulated the previous year or a minimum of 75 credit points for those ending their first three years CPD cycle.


Fees for Pre-registration knowledge assessment

  • National Pharmacists: 20,000 Frw
  • National Pharmacy Technicians: 20,000 Frw
  • EAC Pharmacist: 40 USD
  • EAC Pharmacy Technician: 40 USD
  • Other Non-National Pharmacist: 100 USD
  • Other non-national Pharmacy Technician: 100 USD


Five thousand Rwandan francs (5,000 Frw).

All fees are paid at the following details

  • Bank name: Bank of Kigali
  • Account number:

1. 00042-00613236-07 (FRW)

2. 00042-006934028-87(USD)

  • Account name: National Pharmacy Council

Proof of payment is submitted to the NPC offices located at the following address:

National Pharmacy Council KN 2 Avenue, MIC Building, Nyarugenge- Kigali, Rwanda




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