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Student indexing

Student Indexing is a mandatory procedure for the registration of students who intend to pursue a Pharmacy program by assigning them unique identifiers (index number). Indexing will provide a link between the learners, training institutions, and the National Pharmacy Council. This will allow the National Pharmacy Council to track and act on student impairment matter or when there is a conviction of a serious nature that may impact public safety. Indexing will also help the council to plan and organize internships.

All students wishing to study a pharmacy program in Rwanda or abroad must be indexed before enrollment and must fulfill the following admission Requirements into Higher Education:

  • To have studied Science Subjects in Secondary School: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • To have Passed core subjects of Biology and Chemistry at least :
  • Grade C: for all students wishing to study a Bachelor program
  • Grade D: for all students wishing to study an Advanced Diploma program.

More details on the indexing can be found on the ”Indexing and equivalence processing for health professionals guidelines”.

The above should be implemented from the academic year 2021.

To apply for indexing click here.

Required documents to be submitted are the following:

  • Notarized copy of Rwanda Advanced Certificate;
  • REB Equivalence for candidates with foreign qualifications;
  • Copy of ID for Rwandans or Passport for foreigners;
  • A colored passport size photo;
  • Criminal clearance record/Police clearance;
  • Copy of University Admission letter;
  • Evidence of payment of non-refundable application fees of 5,000 Rwf paid to Council’s bank account.   

Bank details can be found here.

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